Pipehacker Tools: Custom Leather Craft Zippered Clip-On Bags

I would say it is a tossup: Hunters and construction workers have all the coolest gear these days. All sorts of problems are solved with a neat pack, case, strap, or something. Witness these Mossy Oak Zippered Clip-On Bags from Custom Leather Craft. In the mix of all of those bags and satchels is this cool camouflaged set of three “ditty bags” that combines the two activities with small, water resistant, zippered pouches that are perfect for carrying around loose items. Naturally, it is ideal for the same purpose for the Highland bagpiper!

For just about $3 each, you get three sizes of pouch to suit you. The medium sized, 7″ x 6″ pouch is the ideal size for the pipe case. All the rubber stoppers, rolls of hemp, boxes of reeds, blades and other tiny items that bounce around the inside of one’s pipe case are handily contained in this zippered pouch woven of ballistic nylon. I haven’t put it to the test yet, but I suspect its water repellant qualities will make it especially helpful for carrying around in all sorts of weather. The best part is that there is no need to lug a bulky toolbox when traversing the games grounds on competition day. The pouches come with a sturdy plastic clip that can be snapped to one’s belt and can carry only what you need.

I have visions of these being especially useful for airline travel. All my metal tools and blades can neatly fit into these bags and be tossed into my checked luggage. They can then be pulled out and tossed back into my pipe case when I arrive. Nothing missing. Smooth as aged whiskey.

Piper’s of the past have always had to make do with improvised solutions to make their gear fit in the pipe box. Search hard enough and you will find handy solutions devised by other industries such as these Mossy Oak Zippered Clip-On Bags.

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