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pipehackertipsiconIf I had a nickel for every piece of bagpipe advice…well, no nickels here, but there is indeed lots of great advice! Ask twenty different pipers questions about anything pertaining to this crazy instrument and you’ll get twenty different answers. Pipehacker has amassed a variety of tips on all sorts of bagpipe-related topics. Gather what you can, experiment, and stick to what works for you. Here are some cool tips that should start you off right.

Reed Tips
Chanter Reed Selection—The Match Up
Chanter Reed Selection—The Physical Exam
4 Steps to Revive Dead Chanter Reeds
4 Steps for Getting Your Drone Reeds to “Point Zero”
Scraping Bagpipe Chanter Reeds
Bagpipe Nation Podcast—Jack Lee Talks Reeds
Bagpipe Tip: The Basics for Breaking in your Chanter Reed
Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Drone Reeds
Chanter Reed Manipulation—The Lick
Chanter Reed Manipulation—The Pinch
Chanter Reed Strength—Finding the Sweet Spot
Reed Anatomy—Synthetic Drone Reeds

Instrument and Maintenance Tips
Bagpipe TLC
The DIY Pipe Bag Seasoning Funnel
The Bagpipe Bag Hole Punch
Use a Spare Bagpipe Bag Cover in the Off-Season
4 More Simple Checks for Better Bagpipe Blowing
4 Simple Checks for Better Bagpipe Blowing
Trade Up Your Drone Swab

Playing Tips
One Huge Tune Up Tip for Weddings and Funerals
Better Bagpipe Blowing—Take It to the Limit
Hack Your Practice—Being a Better Bagpiper With E’s
Hack Your Practice—Big Bagpiping Improvement Leaps with Marginal Gains
Tune Your Drones Like the Pros
How to Tune Your Bagpipes to Other Instruments—Crash Course
Tracking Your Practice

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