Pipehacker Project: A Case for the Eyeglasses Drone Reed Case

Over the years, I have acquired many sets of drone reeds. Right now, I’ve got two combination sets going for solo and band playing that comprise three different makes. It has been an ongoing challenge keeping them packed safe and sound while they are not being played or transported in my pipe case. Lucky for me though, my eyes are getting old and over the years and I have also acquired several sets of eyeglasses—with cases to match!

Your average eyeglasses case is the perfect length to accommodate drone reeds. They are typically hard enough to protect delicate glasses, so why not my precious bagpiping equipment?

The case I have happens to be from a pair of sunglasses that were lost somewhere in the waters of a family waterpark in a blur of fun and wet (*sigh*). The case is extra tall and beefy enough to fit a few sets of reeds if need be.

The reeds would naturally rattle around without some sort of cushioning. I happened to have some chunks of thick upholstery foam that are perfectly suited to the task. You could really use anything depending on how many reeds you want to fit. I had to adjust and slice here and there to get the pieces thin enough to sit flush so it would close. Many other materials would work equally well here.

The case is compact and durable enough to be tossed into the pipe case without a bother. Swapping reeds is easier and they now have a secure place to be.

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