The Bagpipe Happiness Principle

Time is money, they say. If that is true, then what are you spending your money (time) on? “They” also say money can’t buy happiness. But I disagree. If you spend smartly, you can use your hard-earned cash on things that will improve and/or add value to, your life—the things that will bring you closer to happiness. The same applies to bagpiping (or any music making for that matter). Your precious and scarce bagpiping time (money) should be spent practicing the things that will truly add value and improve your bagpiping. Why would you spend your time any other way? If you take a close look at all of your own piping activity, you might be surprised by the amount of time you spend on things that do not bring improvement or progress.

Time, like money, is something we always want more of. But spending what you have wisely can “buy” you the things that will bring bagpiping happiness. This will not be the same for everyone but, if you are identifying what will bring you value, it is sure to produce the happiness you seek. Therefore, let me offer the Bagpipe Happiness Principle: Spend your time on the things that will actually improve your piping.

  • Billy

    This is really a pointless blog, isn’t it?

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