Pipehacker 2011 Holiday Bagpipe Gift Frenzy: Black T-Shirts “Today Is a Good Day to Pipe”

McNab was staring at his weapon thinking of the day to come. All his training had led to this. One final, Thunderdome-like smackdown. He pressed his kilt three times in preparation, each pleat like a razor’s edge. His ghillie brogues shone like waxed obsidian. When he thought of all the hours he put in, all the sacrifices, the failed relationships, the injuries, McNab could not help but feel satisfied in spite of it all. Today would be the day. When he walked out there it would be for the last time. One final blast of glory. McNab was sure he would take many with him before the end. He would satisfy the crowd’s lust. He tossed aside his usual chest coverings, a kind of armor that made no sense in this final moment, and donned the only shirt worth wearing for the occasion. “Today is a good day to pipe,” he read aloud. “Aye, it is, it is.”

THE FRENZY: Black 100% cotton T-shirts silkscreened with the line “Today Is A Good Day to Pipe” for $7.99 plus shipping available at this link. Make a statement to the world! Limited numbers available. Offer ends when the shirts are gone.

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