Pipehacker 2011 Holiday Bagpipe Gift Frenzy: Embossed Bees Wax

A furious feeding frenzy in which various unique, gifty bagpiping items are offered for holiday giving in a reality similar to our own.



“Hey there, I need to hemp my drones. Can you spare some wax?”

“Bzzz bzzz?”

“Some wax. You know…”

“Bzzzz bz bz bzzz.”

“Well, I don’t know, a decent sized 2 oz. cake will do.”

“Bzz bzzzzzz bz bzzz?

“It’s the only stuff that’s good for coating hemp for bagpipes.”


“Yes, Highland bagpipes need a good seal when connecting their parts and the wax coats the hemp and regulates the moisture in it while preventing slippage. It’s better to wax it yourself than use the pre-waxed junk.”

“Bzzzzzzzz bzz bzzz…”

“Well, sure, I guess I could do something for you in return…”


“What?!? Forget it! I’m buying my wax from the Pipehacker Holiday Bagpipe Gift Frenzy. It’s already got cool shapes embossed on it too. So there.”

“Bzz bz!”

“Same to y—OWW!”

THE FRENZY: Cakes of pure bees wax for $3.99 plus shipping at this link. Perfect stocking stuffers! Pay by PayPal. Each cake is embossed with one three shapes as shown. Take your pick of shape. Frenzy ends when the cakes are gone.

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