Maestro of the Pipe

In this awesome video we see Luigi Lai of Sardinia, living master of the launeddas, also called the “triple pipe.” The instrument has been played since the bronze age and uses the same split cane style reed that is still used today on Highland bagpipe drone reeds. The style of music and playing bears some striking resemblances to Highland piping, and the music is still taught today by singing. The instrument is also not all that different from what is known to be the earliest reeded instrument ever found, The silver pipes of Ur, thought to be nearly 4,500 years old.

Dare I say that it was this instrument that some clever soul decided to affix a bag to because he was tired of blowing at some point in pre-history? My favorite part is watching the man make his reeds. No fancy jigs and tools for this guy!

Anyhoo, you can follow the links to Indiegogo where the documentary on this man’s life is being “crowd-funded” by Barnaby Brown and Carlo D’Alessandro. Enjoy.

Maestro Luigi Lai

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