Pipehacker Tip: Use a Spare Bagpipe Bag Cover in the Off-Season

Would you mow your lawn or clean your house in your good suit? Of course not. You have an old T-shirt and some work pants for that kind of thing, something you don’t mind getting dirty. But pipers do this all the time when we play our nice, clean bag covers during our non-performing times. Your pipe band may have issued you a crisp and shimmery velvet bag cover or you might have one that looks spiffy when you play your gigs or solos, but how long will that last if you’re spending the hard work of your practice time playing while your bag is wearing it?

There are few things I hate more than seeing a good piper with a faded and worn bag cover that looks like it’s going to fall apart any second. Bagpipe bags, (hide bags especially) are filthy things and react poorly to the sweat of arm and body. Keep your good bag cover looking its best by putting it in your closet and dressing your bag in the equivalent of an “old T-shirt,” swapping out the good cover with a old spare that will take the sweat and wear of regular practicing.

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