Bagpipe Nation Launches Tonight at 7 pm

The “Bagpipe Nation” webcast launches tonight at 7:00 pm EST. Tune in live and we’ll be taking your “calls.” Participate in the show with questions and comments.

On tonight’s show:

• Winter Storm in Kansas City. Event organizer Cliff Davis joins Bagpipe Nation to talk about the 10th anniversary of this event. Has Slayer & District gone too far? Special guest Eric Ouelette will discuss participating in the Winter Storm competitions and share highlights of the “Winter Steam” event. (Tune in, we’d love to hear your experiences if you were there.)

• Hacking the Bagpiping Judge. Should we revamp the judging systems in our pipe band associations? Guest Matt MacArthur will add commentary to the discussion of the Pipehacker series “Hacking the Bagpiping Judge.”

Sign up for the live show by clicking here. Recorded podcast will be available on Monday.

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