The Musings of the Piping Prophet: The Make of the Badass Piper

Editor’s note: Long ago, a collection of wise (or demented) random thoughts (or ravings) was discovered beneath a pile of stale chips in a remote corner of a famed Highland games site. Smelling of fish, they are believed to have been penned by one Angus Óg, self-dubbed “piping prophet.” Angus himself has been lost somewhere in the mists of time, or at least in the dust of a well trampled beer tent. They are reprinted here to touch the minds and hearts of pipers everywhere.

“The make of the badass piper takes seven years plus the consumption of raw offal. Angus Óg, piping prophet, has met many a badass piper in his day, but none as badass as himself. The piping prophet has several questions to see if other pipers can consider themselves badass.”

  1. A badass piper plays a bag made of

  2. A badass piper makes drone reeds from

  3. A badass piper always carries

  4. A badass piper outfits with

  5. A badass piper never

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