A few more results

So people, the Dojo is open for this week. Come and attend because we will be closed for a while after that since all instructors are headed off to Scotland for the World Pipe Band Championships. I don’t think I’ll have easy internet access in Scotland, I didn’t last year, but I will try and get out news and results from that ASAP when I can. Both Scotia Glenville gr. 3 and Oran Mor will be competing at the Worlds. The BBC will be streaming live from the field, but it’ll be at about 5 am over here. Thank goodness for re-runs!

At the Great American Irish Festival this past weekend the one and only Albany Police took first place in gr. 5. They just get better and better people! Scotia Glenville gr. 3 came in second and Scotia Glenville gr. 5 put together a plucky performance. Oran Mor put in two performances and some beer tent playing. You could’ve drowned a small village in the sweat pouring off people (pardon my descriptiveness) but a good time was had by all anyway.

Not much to report on the Dojo front since it’s been closed, but apparently the Mt. Snow piping school went well. Sadly there doesn’t seem to have been as much ping pong played there as at the Summit School, but still…

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