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Starting Off: Tips and Advice for the Beginning Piper

This guide includes helpful tips for those starting off on the Highland bagpipe. Within you’ll find the necessary hints for overcoming the frustrating hurdles to this devil of an instrument such setting up your instrument, reeds, and improving your playing experience. This short guide is written with the learner piper in mind and since its first transmission on the internet from the former blog The Voicelog, it is redesiged and updated with more useful information for pipers at all levels and experience. Included in this guide:

  • Starting Off Right: Eliminating the more frustrating aspects of the instrument.
  • The Comfortable Bagpipe: The ideal bagpipe setup for comfort and steady playing.
  • Synthetic Drone Reeds: Set-up tips for optimal performance of synthetic drone reeds.
  • The Chanter Reed
  • The Strike-In: Yes, You Can: No more blown attacks—learn the skills for the perfect, professional start. by Chris Hamilton

Download Starting Off: Tips and Advice for the Beginning Piper

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